Private view at the Goodlife Center

Thank you to everyone at the Goodlife Center for working with us on our Stool Project this term. Year 6 have had had such a fantastic time and they have learned so much.

They had to measure and mark their work, drill holes for dowels to join two lengths of pine board for the stool tops and cut the boards into circles on the bandsaw.

They used tenon saws to cut the thick dowels for the legs and shaped a shoulder with rasps so that when they drilled large holes in the stool top, the legs pushed through and held.

We really enjoyed sharing what we learned with our parents today.

What are your memories of the Goodlife Center?

Private view at the Goodlife Center

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  • I loved the Goodlife Centre and I think it should always be part of the curriculum.

  • Well done Class 6, amazing carpentry. What a wonderful memento for your last year at Cathedral School


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