Meeting the Risen Jesus

Thank you to Father Michael Rawson and Year 5 who led our worship at Southwark Cathedral last Friday. The theme for the service was ‘Meeting the Risen Jesus’ and focused on people overcoming their doubt. The worship centred around the stories in the Bible that occurred after Jesus had risen from the dead.

The congregation felt the children’s reflections and prayers were very mature.

Our Father,
As Jesus called Mary by name outside the tomb, we know that you speak our names, for you love us all, no matter who we are, what we do, or where we live. We know that your ever-lasting love can hold us together for all eternity. You are our Rabboni, (our teacher) and our glorifying Lord. Forever we will remember your sacrifice.

by Priya


Dear God,
We thank you for sending the perfect role model down to this solemn planet which we walk upon. Your love is one perfect beam of adoration and passion. Your kingdom is better than any one place or thing. Your skills are never ending and you are the one true lord. Send us confidence as you sent confidence to the fishermen on the Sea of Galilee so long ago. We praise you and hope you grant us everlasting confidence.

By Nana Yaa

For more photos of the service please visit the Class 5’s blog.

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Meeting the Risen Jesus

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  • It was so much fun performing in the cathedral and every service my class have led has been great fun for me and everyone else performing. Having Southwark Cathedral so close to us is an amazing feature of this school. Services like his one are great opportunities to work as a class and is a good way to learn about the Bible and the stories within. I have always enjoyed doing services and I’m sure everyone else enjoys them too. Anyone who hasn’t performed in a service or is nervous to should always have faith in themselves and never give up because doing 4 services so far I know that anyone who performs in one will have a great time. Father Michael helped us so much as did Mr Antcliffe, they answered all our questions and helped us learn new things that we had no idea about before. Every service I have performed in has always been a memorable one.


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