Southwark Cathedral Bells

Yesterday Years 3,4 and 5 were lucky enough to see the bells at Southwark Cathedral as they had recently been recast and baptised. This only happens every 100 years or so.

Since it was finally completed in the fourteenth century, the tower of the Priory of St Mary Overie, later the Parish Church of Saviour and now the Cathedral for the Diocese of Southwark, stood high above the surrounding community on the south bank of the Thames. It was the ‘Shard’ of its day, an architectural presence in this busy, congested, exciting district of London.

Within the tower, bells were hung, the first ring associated with the marriage in the Priory Church of King James I of Scots to Joan Beaufort, niece of the then Bishop of Winchester, Cardinal Beaufort on 12 February 1424.

What information did you fnd interesting following the trip?

Which historical figures might have sat beneath the bells?

Southwark Cathedral Bells

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  • How many bells are in the cathedral?


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