Arts Week 2018

Arts Week took place between 8th– 12th January at Cathedral School.  This year the theme was ‘Seascapes’.  Children used a range of skills and techniques throughout the week; these are reflected in the wonderful displays showcased in the Key Stage 1 corridor. Classes produced some stunning work, from creative underwater pictures in Nursery to collage pieces of Plymouth Hoe by Class 6.


Nursery worked with a variety of materials to paint and print, focusing on ‘Under the Sea’. They produced some fantastic pieces of work. Children used bubble wrap to create an underwater texture for their backgrounds then printed and stamped the rest of their scenery onto it.


Reception’s chosen seascape was ‘Waterfalls’ and children worked on the skill of using materials to create different textures.  Reception’s waterfalls were based on Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe and they used water colours, poster paints and tissue paper to produce some great pieces of art!

Year 1

Class 1’s theme was ‘By the Beach’; children created sunset beach scenes. Throughout the week they explored different qualities of materials and used water colours to paint the background of their work, then carefully added sand to the bottom of their pictures to form contrasting textures. Finally the children drew small boats onto black card and cut them out to produce the silhouettes in their art work.

Year 2

Class 2 were inspired by Hokusai’s ‘36 Views of Mount Fuji’, creating their own prints of London landmarks for Arts Week. Children designed their own prints then completed their work using printing blocks. Class 2 also had a trip to the National Gallery for some Art inspiration!

Year 3

Class 3 produced some excellent pieces of work for their theme, ‘Rivers’. Pupils used a range of techniques such as printing for their backgrounds and collage for their rivers to create representations of river movement.

Year 4

Class 4 created a beautiful boat display for Arts Week, with work focusing on Brixham Harbour. Children used collage, painting, layering and sanding skills to produce creative pieces of work, bringing the harbour to London Bridge.

Year 5

In Class 5, pupils displayed their skills in using oil pastels during Arts Week. Children carefully studied the different shapes of waves. They then created their own versions using water paints and oil pastels.  Class 5 produced some very skilful pieces of art work.

Year 6

Class 6 chose the Seascape of Plymouth Hoe for inspiration during Arts Week.  Children created detailed collages and looked at ways to manipulate their paper in order to produce texture and add detail to their work.  This display can be found in the Key Stage 2 corridor.

Well done to everyone for all the hard work. We are so proud of the children and the work they have produced.

Arts Week 2018

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