Reflective Time

In addition to Collective Worship, children have the opportunity to participate in Reflective Time. This is time set aside for silent personal reflection and takes place in the hall with two classes at a time sharing the space. There are candles, relaxing music, soft mats and the lights are low – providing a calm and peaceful atmosphere to help nurture children’s spiritual development and to promote mindfulness.

The responses from these sessions has been extremely positive, both from the children and the staff. Here are some of the things the children have said:

“I thought about my family and how lucky I am.”
“I said The Lord’s Prayer and thought about the words in it.”
“It was good to take a breath and be quiet with my class.”

We also asked children how we could improve Reflective Time and had some thoughtful responses that we have put into place. For example, soft mats for the floor for comfort and being able to take their shoes off so that they could feel more relaxed.

Reflective Time

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