Nonesuch Orchestra

Recently, Key Stage 1 & 2 were lucky enough to take part in an interactive concert with the Nonesuch Orchestra, conducted by Dan Shilladay. First, the pupils were introduced to the different instruments of the string orchestra. Some children even got some conducting experience, leading the violin, viola, cello and double bass in an improvisation.

We were then treated to several pieces of classical music, two songs for the whole school to sing along with, and a jazzy piece for which our own violinists and cellists joined the orchestra. The children played their parts very well and followed the conductor with care.

Here are some pupil responses to the concert:

“I thought the orchestra was great. The people playing the instruments were really talented.” – Suriya
“I really like the way the orchestra were playing the instruments whilst we were singing, it was amazing.” – Joel
“I really liked the way that some children were able to go to the front and conduct the orchestra.” – James
“It was a fabulous experience working with professionals and I think myself and the others did pretty well and I am grateful that I had this opportunity.” – Tito
“It was really fun conducting the orchestra because we got a chance to do something that other children in other schools might not have the opportunity to do.” – Harriet
“It was nice that the orchestra played for the hymns that we sang.” – Orlando
“I enjoyed seeing my own instrument (cello) being played really nicely.” Catherine
“I really enjoyed listening to it because it was for free, and usually I wouldn’t be able to do this.” – Blubelle
“I really enjoyed listening to different instruments that I play.” – Sasha
“I thought that it was very imaginative because they made different characters come alive.’ – Ava
“It was very enjoyable because we also learnt facts about myths and instruments.’ – Victory

Nonesuch Orchestra

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