We’re going exploring!

This half term we are learning about different places to explore such as space, forests, jungles, the Arctic, the seaside and the desert. TO help us, our new role play areas are camping in the forest and a space station.

Where would you like to explore?


Ciao from Nursery!

This week was International Week at Cathedral School at Nursery learned all about ‘ITALY’!

From learning colours in Italian, making pizza, decorating flags and an Italian song, we have been very very busy.

We read the story of ‘Strega Nona’. This is a link to the story on YouTube. We enjoyed hearing about Big Anthony and thought that it was funny when the pasta went all over the town.

Tracey came and read us the story ‘Handa’s Hen’ and ‘Sam’s First Day’ so we got to learn about other cultures.

Here are photos of us during International Week, and International Day where we wore clothing from different cultures.


A QUACK-ing day in Nursery!

You may remember that we have previously posted about putting some eggs into our incubator to hatch. We needed to send some of the eggs away, but finally last week we had two hatch and we could finally discover what had been growing in the eggs… DUCKS!

Meet Connor Duck and Popcorn, Nursery’s new ducklings!







Today, they had a swim in Nursery. They loved splashing and swimming in the water. It was amazing how they could go under the water.
Here are some photos and a small video of them swimming!

  1. IMG_1001
  2. IMG_0999


A visit to Surrey Docks Farm… and a surprise!

2 comments Written on April 6th, 2017

This week, Nursery and some lovely volunteers headed to Surrey Docks Farm. We went there to explore the different animals that live on a farm. We saw duck, chickens and chicks, goats and kids, sheep and lambs and lots lots more!

We loved exploring the farm and we all behaved perfectly too! Here are some photos of our class visiting the farm.

When we got back to school Janice stopped us outside, and said she had seen someone in Nursery. Someone with white fur and big ears! It was the Easter Bunny! He had visited whilst we had been at the farm. He left us a treat in the lovely baskets we had made at Stay and Play.


Stay and Play for Easter!

3 comments Written on March 29th, 2017

This morning the Nursery classroom and outdoor area was very busy with all of the adults who came to ‘Stay and Play’!
Most of our activities focussed around celebrating Easter, though other areas of the classroom such as construction and the book area were also very popular.

Thank you to the adults who came along, Nursery loved having you ‘Stay & Play’. Please leave a comment to let us know your thoughts on the morning too!


World Book Day

Today Miss Bailey and Debbie opened the Nursery door, not to the children we were expecting but to lots of wonderful book characters!

As part of our book day celebrations we also got to choose a favorite book and hear it read by a different teacher.

Here are some photos of the book characters that replaced the Nursery children today!


It has been an egg-cellent week!

2 comments Written on February 24th, 2017

This week Nursery have been lucky enough to receive 7 eggs!

But we don’t know what might hatch out of them!

When we got them, Debbie carefully put them into the incubator, where they will stay warm and toasty for 28 days.

We thought about the things that could hatch out of our eggs? What do you think will hatch out? Share your ideas in the comments.


Autumn Term

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If you can believe it (because we can’t!) we are already halfway through the Autumn term!

Here are some of the things we’ve been up to this half term!


Stay and Play at Christmas!

Today we had a lovely time with our grown ups who could ‘Stay and Play’!

We know that the children had fun and we hope the grown ups did too!

Please leave a comment to let us know if you enjoyed the morning!


Our First Nativity!

Thank you! Thank you for coming to see ‘Our First Nativity!’

Here is a video for you to enjoy!