Summer 1, Week 5!

This week in Nursery we have been enjoying the lovely weather!

We have been eating our fruit in our outside classroom, and have been focussing on using the outside apparatus to develop our gross motor skills!

This week we have also been reading books, thinking about how they are structured. We have been using the pictures as prompts to help us talk about what is happening in the story, talking about how the characters are feeling, as well as discussing our favourite parts of stories. Reading books also helps us develop our phonics skills, as we look out for sounds and words that we know!

Stars of the Week!
Joyce and Harry

Both children have been super star readers this week. They both enjoyed reading different stories, talking about their favourite parts and looking for sounds and words that they know.

Well done Joyce and Harry!

Summer 1, Week 4!

All of the children have been working very hard this week, as we have been reviewing what they have already learnt this year in Phonics, Writing and Maths.

In RE this half term, we have been learning about Special Places. This week we thought about why the Church is a special place. We talked about visiting the Cathedral, and our own local churches.

We discussed what we do when we visit Church and what it is like:

“I sing there.” – Elishua
“Pray to God.” – Harry
“There’s a big cross for Jesus.” – Lottie
“I have a nice time!” – Diya
“I made a chick at Sunday School for Easter.” – Arabella
“I read a book about Jesus.” – Timothy

Stars of the Week!

Lottie and Elishua
Well done to both children for talking about their own experiences of visiting Church, what they do there and how it makes them feel. Lottie and Elishua were also able to talk about what they can see inside the Church, including crosses, Bibles and stained glass windows! Well done to both of you!

Summer 1, Week 3!

In Maths this week, we have been focussing on ordering objects according to size, and measuring using non-standard units of measure.

The children enjoyed hanging the socks on the washing line, ordering them according to size…

In our outside area, we planted flowers in the sand, and familiarised ourselves with language such as ‘biggest’, ‘smallest’, ‘tallest’ and ‘shortest’.

We also started to measure objects from around the classroom using non-standard units of measure such as lego bricks, counters and buttons…

“My water bottle was the longest because it used more bricks!” – Timothy

“The cup is shorter because it only had 3 bricks'” – Sadie

“The pencil was longer than the cup. It measured 10 buttons long!” – Diya

Stars of the Week
Diya and Timothy

Diya and Timothy have enjoyed measuring this week, using different resources from around the classroom such as buttons, duplo bricks and even pencils!
Both children were able to measure objects independently, and talk about the longest and shortest, using appropriate vocabulary.
Well done you two!

Summer 1, Week 2!

Nursery’s topic for this half term is ‘Excellent Explorers!’

This week we talked about what pirates do, and what we already know about them –
“They wear an eyepatch.” – Timothy
“They have a map.” – Leo
“Sail in a boat!” – Harry
“They look for treasure.” – Arabella
“A big pirate ship!” – Elishua
“They have a bird on their shoulder.” – Diya

Our role play area is a pirate ship. The children have enjoyed using it, and dressing up as pirates!

Our book corner is full of pirate, dinosaur and space books, so that we can find out about different types of explorers. We have enjoyed using our new book this week.

Stars of the Week
Arabella and Sadie

Well done to Arabella and Sadie who have made a fantastic start back at school. They remember the routines of the day, our class rules, and have been ready to learn! Well done girls!

Spring 2, Week 6!

An egg-cellent Stay & Play!

Today Nursery enjoyed the Easter Stay & Play! The children took part in lots of Easter craft activities with their grown ups, and enjoyed showing the adults around our inside and outside classrooms!

Stars of the Week
All of Nursery

Well done to all the Nursery children for completing another half term! Miss Bailey and Sara have enjoyed your learning develop!

Thank you to all the parents for your continued support, and we wish you a restful Easter break!

Spring 2, Week 5!

Creating Repeating Patterns!

This week in Nursery, we have been learning about repeating patterns – thinking about what they are and creating our own!

We had magnetic shapes and teddy bear counters at our Maths table this week, and used them independently to create our own patterns…

We designed our own Easter Eggs using paint pens! We selected two or three colours, and thought carefully about the order to print them in to create a repeating pattern!

Stars of the Week!
Nika and Ryan

Well done to Nika and Ryan who have enjoyed using both the Maths provision independently this week, and creating repeating pattern Easter Eggs. Great work!

Spring 2, Week 4!

This week we have being reviewing what we have learnt in Nursery so far.

Take a look at our fantastic corridor display, full of the art work and writing that we did during Book Week!

Stars of the Week!
Sadie and Leo

Miss Bailey has been so impressed with the progress that Sadie and Leo have made in Phonics this term! They are both now hearing the initial and final sounds in words, and are able to match the sound to the correct letter.
Keep up the great work, Sadie and Leo!

Spring 2, Week 3!

Spring has definitely sprung in Nursery this week!
We have been thinking about the changes in season, as we move from winter to spring!
The children looked outside to spot signs of spring. We talked about the leaves beginning to grow back on the trees, blossom and spring flowers beginning to grow, and the slightly warmer weather!
We also talked about baby animals such as chicks and lambs being born at this time of year.

We planted some daffodil bulbs in our outside area, and we know how to look after them so that they grow –

“We planted daffodils. They need water and soil to grow!” – Harry
“We need some water and sun and soil then the flower will grow!” – Arabella
“They need water to grow big!” – Elishua

Stars of the Week!

Timothy and Harry

Timothy and Harry showed great enthusiasm when planting the bulbs this week. They were able to recognise some of the changes in the seasons, and understood what the bulbs need to grow.
Well done you two!

Spring 2, Week 2!

A brilliant Book Week!

We have had an extremely exciting Book Week in Nursery!

Our class book was ‘Zog’, by Julia Donaldson, and we enjoyed taking part in lots of different dragon themed activities!

After reading the story, we talked about what Zog looked like. We then designed our own dragons, thinking of what their names would be, their size, and even what their super power would be! We used our phonic knowledge to write down our ideas…

We then painted and collaged our dragons, which will be used on our corridor display board (a picture of this is to follow next week!)

We had lots of dragon themed provision this week. To exercise our fine motor skills, we made plastercine dragons – rolling and twisting the plastercine to make the head and body, and adding googly eyes, matchsticks for spikes, pipe cleaners for wings and shapes for the tail!

We also made dragon puppets in our workshop, and acted out the story of Zog in our small world area…

We also found some mysterious creatures growing in a tank in our classroom… we have been thinking about what they could be and have come up with ideas including butterflies, dinosaurs, fish and even dragons! We used torches and magnifying glasses to look closely at them. We are hoping the tiny eggs will hatch next week…

This week we also learnt about Shrove Tuesday. We learnt that it is the day before Ash Wednesday, which is when Lent begins. Lent is when Christians begin to prepare for Easter. Ingredients such as flour, eggs and butter would be used up before Lent begun, and these ingredients were often used to make pancakes.
We all worked together to mix flour, eggs and milk together to make a batter. Sara and Miss Bailey then cooked the pancakes, and we all got to choose sugar and/or lemon for our topping. The most exciting part was tasting the pancakes! We all thought they were delicious!

Stars of the Week!
Arabella and Nika!

Well done to Arabella and Nika who created some very imaginative writing when designing their own dragons! They both also worked hard in the workshop, following instructions to make a dragon puppet. Well done both of you!

Spring 2, Week 1!

Nursery have settled back into school beautifully this week! Sara and Miss Bailey have been very pleased with all of the children’s listening and independence this week.

Our topic for this half term is ‘Amazing Animals!’, and we started the week by writing a class list of lots of animals that we already know. We talked about whether they live on the land or in the sea!

Our role play area this half term is a jungle, and the children have enjoyed being explorers on a jungle safari!

Each half term our book corner links to our topic. We looked through a range of books to help us find out where different animals live!

“Lions live in the jungle!” – Harry
“A pig lives on the farm.” – Diya
“Turtles live in the ocean!” – Timothy

We also enjoyed sorting animals into land and sea animals.
“Sea animals love swimming! Land animals like the grass!” – Lottie

Stars of the Week:
Marley and Ryan!

Well done to Marley and Ryan who have settled back into school brilliantly. They are following the routines of the day, listening on the carpet, and playing alongside their friends nicely. Great job, you two!