Second Parent’s Coffee Morning

It was great to see all the parents who attended our second Parent’s Coffee Morning with Emua today. The theme for this half term was ‘Bringing up happy children’. We had some great feedback; here are some examples for what parents thought of the session.

“The session was informative and helpful. The group talk opened my eyes on how I can negotiate and be firm. I should listen and respect my child’s feelings. We suggest more sessions.”

“A useful discussion in a very calm, relaxed, supportive atmosphere. Good problem solving ideas.”

“The group exercises were useful, I could feel how the child might be feeling.”

“Very clear and precise.”

“So beneficial and helpful, thank you.”

If you would like to attend one of these Coffee Mornings, or if you would like to come again please do let us know, either via the website or the School Office. If there is a particular topic you would like to focus on please also let us know.

Second Parent’s Coffee Morning

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  • This was a brilliant session, and having put some of the advice already into practice I can confirm it worked! Thrilled.
    Very practical and real advice explained on real situations. Thank you.


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