Inclusion Quality Mark

IQM-circlelogo-In November Cathedral School was visited by Pauline Roberts, as assessor from the Inclusion Quality Mark. As a school community we are so pleased with the report especially because it vividly reflects Cathedral School’s values and ethos.

Here are just some of the things Mrs Roberts said about our school.

“All pupils’ behaviour is impeccable and the caring, supportive lead from older pupils further emphasizes the strong sense of a big family atmosphere.”

“The central focus is on the children, for whom the school has very high ambitions and they are encouraged to do their best in everything they do.”

“Pupils achieve extremely well at the school and the school works very hard to ensure they are continually improving.”

“Teaching and support staff in the school work extremely hard and strive to do their very best for all pupils… Staff are positive and energetic and are fully committed to the pupils and to the school.”

“Lessons are interesting and challenging and there are many imaginative and exciting activities planned for pupils.”

“All staff, parents, governors and pupils spoken to were extremely positive about the school’s work and there is a very genuine sense of team effort, of mutual support, of listening and of including everyone, whether they are adults or children.”

“The governing body is also fully committed to the school’s vision and they play a very positive, active and supportive role in the school.”

“I am of the opinion that the school fully meets the standard required by the Inclusion Quality Mark. I also recommend that the school considers becoming a Centre of Excellence for the IQM so that its excellent work on inclusion can be shared with other schools.”

If you would like to read the full Inclusion Quality Mark Reportplease click on the link.

Inclusion Quality Mark

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  • That is very true! I hope that we carry on like that throughout the years, whoever leads the school into victory in the next few years, probably when I am in Secondary School, but even then I will still be proud of my Primary School!



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